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Why Should I Purchase Renters' Insurance?

Relax ... you have renters insurance to protect your belongingsMany renters are unaware that renter's insurance is even available to them, but this insurance is well worth your consideration. This often-overlooked insurance includes insurance, not only for your personal property, but also to cover your liability for damage you may cause to the physical property you are renting and for medical payments to individuals injured at your apartment.

In addition to just not knowing that renters insurance is available, there are four major reason that people overlook this coverage: (1) they assume they are covered under their landlord's policy; (2) they assume that the insurance will be too costly (typically renter's insurance can run just $10 to $20 per month ... and even lower if you raise your deductible amount); (3) people assume that if they're in a safe building they don't need rental insurance [this insurance covers other types of losses, however, including medical or legal payment should one of your guests be injured while on the property]; and (4) people assume that they don't have enough personal property to warrant insurance (cameras, cds and even hand-me-down furniture can add up when you need to replace them because of loss, theft or damage!).

One caveat, however. A renter’s insurance policy does not cover everything ... particularly flooding. A specialized policy is needed. For more information about Flood Insurance, please CLICK HERE.

At Cole Harrison Insurance, we look forward to helping you determine the right amount and types of insurance coverages you need for your circumstances and budget. Whether you're a college student, just starting out and learning the ropes of life, or a senior who's gone back to apartment living, your Cole Harrison agent will assist you.

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