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What Types of Claims are Covered
by Renters Insurance?

Relax ... you have renters insurance to protect your belongingsThere are several reasons to have a renter's insurance policy. Like homeowners insurance, renters insurance covers you in two ways: It insures your property. If your things were stolen, damaged, or destroyed, your renters insurance policy would pay for them to be replaced. It also protects you from liability. If someone was injured in your apartment, a court could hold you responsible. Your renter's insurance would protect you from having to pay the judgment out of your own pocket.

If you have roommates their belongings may not be covered on YOUR policy. Therefore, it's best for all parties who have signed the lease to have their own renter's insurance policy and coverage.

It's important to note that certain breeds of dogs (e.g. pit bulls) housed in rental property may necessitate additional insurance coverage due to a higher historic incidence of claims. Be sure to mention any pets or similar details to your insurance agent at Cole Harrison Insurance.

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